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Athens, Greece 2018

My daughter, sister, and her boyfriend went to Greece to get out of northern Europe for a change!

We thought by the end of August and early September, the weather would be in the seventies and enjoyable. It was not; instead it was in the 90’s and even the locals were hot.

Not the best climate for this fair-skinned group, but we had a great time anyway!

We flew from Seattle on a red-eye, had one layover for a few hours, and landed early the next evening in Athens.

Athens arrival

A photograph taken from a plane showing the outline of Greece in the Mediterranean.

That very recognizable land formation! Finally landing in Athens, Greece almost 24 hours after we left the house.

Three people walking across a plaza towards buildings with Mediterranean style on a sunny afternoon.

We landed pretty late, so off to the Plaka Quarter to get some dinner before winding down.

A newer stucco-type building completely covered in mostly-blue graffiti in English and Greek.

There are some excellent graffiti artists here!

Graffiti spray painted face in black on white concrete, looking up with words coming out of his mouth.

All the buildings have it, happy, sad, colorful, black and white; there is graffiti everywhere!

Scrawny and dirty white and orange cat sitting on top of a broken wall, with bricks visibly crumbling.

So many stray cats here, everyone feeds them, we saw lots of little piles of cat food next to sidewalks.

A scrawny tree inside a planter made of colorfully painted tires and a graffiti skeleton wearing a sombrero while smoking.

Fun planter and more graffiti out front of our accommodations.

A photo taken at night with person in the foreground, city lights behind, and the Acropolis lit up on the hill.

This is why we stayed here, a selfie showing the night view from our balcony looking towards the Acropolis.

Three obviously ancient statues missing arms and legs in a Metro building corridor.

Day two, we are not even to the Acropolis yet and seeing cool artifacts at the Metro.

Looking at a dirt road going up to a hill with ruins on top, trees on bottom, and people walking the path.

We are here! Now to climb that hill, only 9 am and feels 80 degrees already! Even locals are complaining of the heat.

A close look at stone stairs that have been worn down by feet climbing them over centuries.

We went straight to the top so we could get the “no shade” viewing done before it got too hot!

A young woman stands in front of the Parthenon ruins showing large columns that are obviously very old.

We made it! This is my daughter and one of my favorite travel companions in front of The Parthenon!

A side view of the Acropolis showing columns and detailed stonework across the top of the structure.

The Acropolis was rebuilt in 450 BC after Persia invaded and looted the old temples.

Side view of the Temple Nike. Columns in front, brickwork to the side, and statues of females holding the roof on their heads.

This is the Temple of Athena Nike (pronounced Neek-ee.)

A closer view of columns that are very aged with brickwork behind where you can see centuries of erosion.

This temple has been dismantled and rebuilt three times in its 2500 year history! Most recently completed in 2010.

A side view of a temple showing smaller columns and detailed stonework across the top of the structure, with an adjoining porch.

Front view of the temple of Athena Nike and the Porch of the Caryatids at the Erechtheion, with the six maidens.

Several ancient stones that appear to have toppled over years ago, off to the side of the other ruins.

These ancient hand-crafted stones weathered with age are just as cool as the ones making the buildings!

A fairly clear view of ruins with eight columns and intricate carvings connecting them together at the top.

In all it’s glory, The Parthenon!

A close look at stone stairs that have been worn down by feet climbing them over centuries.

Fascinating to see how the marble stairs have worn down over the years.

A close up of an old wall made of several different bricks and plaster.

A close up of an old wall made of large tan bricks mixed with some white square bricks and even a long and thin piece of white quartz.

Several round artifacts laying at the bottom of the hill.

This might be my favorite photo of the day. Fallen artifacts everywhere! I love the different shapes and how they have worn down over the centuries!

A photograph of the the Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus taken from above.

Looking down at the Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus, often considered to be the world’s first theater, at the foot of the Athenian Acropolis.

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